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The Signers

The Adventures of the Cushman Family 
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About the author

Jim Bollenbacher taught American Government and American History for thirty one years at Midview High School and Sandusky High School, both located in Northern Ohio.  Recently retired, he coached for forty one years as a high school assistant and head football coach.  He graduated from Hiram College in Ohio, majoring in political science and minoring in history.  While at Hiram he played two years of football and four years of baseball. Jim is a member of the Hiram College Athletic Hall of Fame.  He holds a master's degree in Education from Ashland University.  Jim lives in Huron Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, where he and his wife Patty raised four children.  When not writing historical fiction, centering on the American Revolutionary period or attempting to work on his golf game, he and his wife spend time playing with their three grandchildren.  

      Two of his great passions are history and athletics, which inspired him to write historical fiction.  "Great movements in history have many things in common, dynamic leadership, unwavering commitment and stubborn persistence, the same characteristics one gains from athletics.  These are the elements that drew me to write about the American Revolutionary period.  My hope is that you will be entertained by an adventure story and in the process relearn this vital period of American History."

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The Adventures of the Cushman Family

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Recent release “The Signers: The Adventures of the Cushman Family” from author Jim Bollenbacher is a riveting story of historical relevance, assassinations plots and the signing of the most important document in history. 



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